2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack
2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack

2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack

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2023 Legacy Football Hobby Pack

8 cards per pack.


2023 Legacy is back and better than ever. Legacy will make its return to the hobby for its 5th straight year! Look for new inserts, parallels and autographs of the best rookies and the legends of the past!

Pro or College, why not both? Legacy football is one of the few products that have players in both their college and pro uniform! Look for top Rookies in the college gear and legends representing the NFL!

Big things come in small packages, just look at our Dare to Tear Insert! Dare to Tear is back and it always delivers! Randomly inserted in every Dare to Tear card is a mini opti-chrome parallel, with the chance of finding a mini numbered to only 1!

Minis are back! Look for 2 Mini opti-chrome parallel cards in every box of 2023 Legacy Football! Pulling a Mini Rookie 1/1 is a HUGE deal!

Look for a brand new 200-card base set! Look for 100 of the best veterans, 50 of the top rookies and 50 legends of the game!


FUTURES PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Future Patch Autographs features the top rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft on must-chase RPAs. Take a look into the future with different parallels numbered to as low as 1!

- Futures Patch Autographs Silver #'d /249
- Futures Patch Autographs Ruby #'d /100
- Futures Patch Autographs Sapphire #'d /25
- Futures Patch Autographs Yellow Diamond #'d /10
- Futures Patch Autographs Diamond #'d /5
- Futures Patch Autographs Platinum #'d 1-of-1

UNDER THE LIGHTS AUTOGRAPHS: Brand-New to 2023 Legacy is the Black & White Under the Lights parallel! Look for this Super Short Print Autograph #'d /10 or less!

 LEGENDS: Check out this 50-card Legends set, with the top legends of the NFL Gridiron. Look for Legends Autographs of some of the greatest NFL players to ever play, including this Randy Moss Autograph during his historic run with the New England Patriots!

- Legends Red #'d /299
- Legends Orange #'d /199
- Legends Yellow #'d /150
- Legends Green #'d /100
- Legends Blue #'d /50
- Legends Indigo #'d /25
- Legends Violet #'d /10
- Legends Black #'d 1-of-1
- Legends Red Autographs Max #'d /25
- Legends Yellow Autographs Max #'d /15
- Legends Blue Autographs Max #'d /10
- Legends Violet Autographs Max #'d /5
- Legends Black Autographs #'d 1-of-1

MAIN ATTRACTIONS / DREAMCATCHERS / HOLOGRAPHS: Main Attractions, Dreamcatchers and Holographs all make their debut this season in 2023 Legacy Football! These Holographic Cards will be SSP and will be the most sought-after Inserts in Legacy! Look for Stars, Rookies and Legends in their Game Day Gear!

ROOKIE DARE TO TEAR / PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE DARE TO TEAR / VETERAN DARE TO TEAR: Dare to Tear brings a whole new level to Legacy Football! Each Dare to Tear Card contains one Mini Opti-chrome parallel inside. These Case hit inserts are extremely short print and have you deciding whether to rip this card open or keep the surprise sealed inside! So the only question you need to ask yourself is, "Will I Tear?"

- Rookie Dare to Tear Max #'d /65
- Past Present and Future Dare to Tear Max #'d /65
- Veteran Dare to Tear Max #'d /65